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born in Zagreb, Croatia
1972 - 1978
studies English Literature, Ethnology and Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb
studies sculpture as visiting student at the Art Academy, Zagreb
1980 - 1989
works on sculpture in brick factory Zagorka near Zagreb
since 1986
personal and group exhibitions in Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands
since 1989
lives and works in Cologne, Germany, and Zagreb, Croatia

Art Residencies


Traversée du Marais, Cité international des arts, Paris

Nuit Blanche - Titanic, Reprise; Paris

2018 John David Mooney Foundation, Chicago, USA
2018 Cite International des Artes, Paris, France

Project HOUSES AND DREAMS (Personal and Group Exhibitions)

Personal Structures - Palazzo Mora, Venice / Biennale Venezia, Italy 

Cologne, Galerie 49, Germany

Umag - "Zid", Foto Galerija Grin, Croatia 

Kopar - Project Forum Tomizza, Palazzo Gravisi, Slovenia 

London - Dulwich College, U.K.


Dulwich College, London, UK - Workshops, lectures and exhibiton with the students of college in the context of Dulwich Political, dealing with migrations and home/less/ness


Leipzig - Spinnerei, Halle 14, One-Sided Story - cooperation between (mainly) american and croatian artists

Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany / "Recall Byblos" Project - cooperation of artist and scientists from Zagreb and Cologne




Residencies at Art Meneghello, Palmižana/Island of Hvar-Croatia.

Dagmar Meneghello is one of the most famous collectors of contemporary croatian art.

Editor of the following Catalogues


Monography KRUŽNI TOK / KREISVERKEHR / ROUNDABOUT; Published by HDLU /Croatian

Association of Visual Artists, Zagreb in cooperation with Ambassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Goethe Institute, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb,

ISBN 978-953-8098-11-6


Catalogue "Invisible Rose", Muzeji Ivana Meštrovića, Croatian Ministry of Culture and the city of Zagreb,

ISBN 978-953-7396-03-9


Catalogue "Recall Atlantis"; Edited by Anita Kontrec and HDLU / Association of Croatian visual artists, Croatian Ministry of culture and the city of Zagreb;

ISBN 953-6508-32-x


Catalogue / Art Book "Recall Byblos", Edited by Anita Kontrec and Robert Pinsdorf, in cooperation with Ludwig Forum für internationale Kunst, Aachen and Foundation "Kunst und Kultur NRW",

ISBN 3-929292-14-9

Selected Personal Exhibitions

2018 "Healing Houses" - Laval Nugent Gallery, Zagreb
2017 Houses and Dreams, Galerie K49, Cologne, Germany
2016 Kružni tok / Kreisverkehr / Roundabout – Restrospective, Gallery “Prsten”, Zagreb, Croatia

Angels, Art Meneghello, Palmižana), Croatia

Stripes & Dots, Gallery Arthur, Dubrovnik, Croatia


ArcheFarb, Kunst in Technologie Park, B. Gladbach, Germany

Art Project Be Happy Gallery, Haidakhan, India

Nevidljiva Ruža / Invisible Rose, Atelijer Meštrović, Zagreb, Croatia
Schriftlandscaften / Scripts and Landscapes; Gallery Art Depot, Innsbruck, Austria
More-Amore, Art Meneghello, Palmižana, Croatia
Recall Atlantis, Galerija Karas, Zagreb, Croatia
Bildobjekte und Skulpturen, Alexa.Jansen.Galerie, Cologne, Germany
Skulptur Draussen, Cologne, Germany
Wars and Ashes, Town Hall, Cologne, Germany
Earth and Sound, Eurozentrum, Cologne, Germany

Fortresses, Galerija PM, Zagreb, Croatia
Landscapes, Galerija Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Krajolici /Landscapes, Art Meneghello, Palmižana, Croatia

Zeitraum, Galerie am Baseler Tor, Karlsruhe, Germany
Shapes of Memory, Galerija DDT, Zagreb, Croatia

Selected Group Exhibitions / Projects / Art-Fairs / Public Collections

2018 Blue River- Blue Sea , Meneghello Collection in Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2018 ART ZAGREB - Art fair, Laval Nugent Gallery, Zagreb
2017 Personal Structures - Open Borders, Palazzo Mora / Biennale Venice, Italy
Art Basel - Box Office Project/ International Airport Basel
2015 Black & White, Gallery Art Engert, Eschweiler, Germany
2014 Poesie in Glas, Kroatische Künstler in Österreich, Gallery BBKÖ, Klagenfurt, Austria
2013 One-Sided Story (Residency), Leipzig-Spinnerei, Germany (Mai Rundgang)
Gegensätze, Dresden, Staatsministerium der Justiz und für Europa
2009 Art Innsbruck, Galerie Art Depot, Austria
art.fair, Alexa.Jansen.Galerie, Cologne, Germany

art.fair, Alexa.Jansen.Galerie, Cologne, Germany
art frankfurt 2005, Alexa.Jansen.Galerie, Cologne, Germany

flora(l) _ neu, Alexa.Jansen.Galerie, Cologne, Germany

Querblick, Stadtmuseum Cologne, Germany
Gallery Art Felchlin, Zürich – Skulpturenpark Schwyz

Sculpture project, Alexa.Jansen.Galerie, Cologne, Germany, Schloßhotel Lerbach, Germany

Water-Symposium, KKL, Lucerne, Switzerland
Sculpture-Garden Sürth, Cologne, Germany
Sculpture exhibition, Dorn Garden, Elm
Water-Symposium, Lucerne, Switzerland
Das Meer – the Sea in contemporary Croatian art, DW, Cologne, Germany
Dea Syria, Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany

Concept for the project Recall Byblos, a cooperative project by artists and academics from Zagreb and Cologne, Aachen, Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst; Co-edited the art book

Recall Byblos

Recall Byblos II, Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb, Croatia
"Kunst, Europa" ("Art, Europe"), Siegen, Germany
IV. Triennial of Croatian sculpture, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb, Croatia
III. Triennial of Croatian sculpture, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb, Croatia
Anita Kontrec artworks are represented in numerous private and public art collections in Croatia, Austria and Germany.




I was born in Zagreb in 1954 where I graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy (Literature, Sociology and Cultural Anthropology), University of Zagreb. I also attended sculpture classes at the Art Academy in Zagreb. My first solo exhibition "Shapes of Memory" took place in 1986 in the DDT - Gallery in Zagreb, famous for promoting conceptual and politically engaged art. Due to my academic and artistic education most of my exhibitions and projects are interdisciplinary trying to inspire a multiple point of view, the synergy of scientific and artistic discourse in order to express the complexity of the world we are living in. Since 1986 I have had a number of solo and group exhibitions in Croatia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland.

Parallel to my art work I have worked as literary translator, journalist and author since late 70-ties. Since 1993 I have curated and organised several international art projects in Germany where I have moved in 1989 and continued there my career as artist and journalist. Since that time I have lived between Cologne and Zagreb, but after my retrospective "Roundabout" in September 2016 in Zagreb I setteld permanently in my hometown again.


Professional References:


IVA KÖRBLER, art historian and critic, curator and editor; Zagreb, Croatia, graduated in art history and comparative literature at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb.; worked as research fellow in the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU) and Institute of Art History in Zagreb; member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics).

Iva Körbler curated my retrospective „Roundabout“ in the „Prsten/ Ring“ Gallery, Zagreb, 2016; Author of introductory text and interview in my monography „Roundabout“ (220 pages, 280 photos). Iva Körbler, Schrottova 15, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia,, tel. 00385 91 304 7733


DR. JOE SPENCE, Master of Dulwich College, London, UK since 2009.

Taught history and politics at Eton College where he was Master of College from 1992-2002. Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, serves on the boards of the Inspiring Futures Foundation and Mark Evison Foundation.

Dr. Joe Spence invited me to Dulwich College with my project „Houses and Dreams“ for a residency in November 2017 – workshop, talks and exhibition with students in the context of Dulwich Political dealing with migrations and home/less/ness.

Dr. JAF Spence, The Master, Dulwich College, Dulwich Common, London SE 21 7LD, UK Tel: 0044 20 82999 252, e-mail:,