Text, Texture, Context. Kontrec.

Working with language and writing - more or less permanent feature in her work - Kontrec devotes her interest to archaic forms. For inspiration, she turns to the Phoenician alphabet, pictograms of Glagolitic script (the first Slavic alphabet dating from the 9th century), and to Sanskrit. read more
To her, writing is a means for understanding and interpreting the world, as well as a medium that has meaning, a pictorial quality, material and magic significance. Letters and ideograms express different layers of meaning which are manifested in paper, plaster, clay, stone, bronze, gold, and synthetic resin. These media have both material presence and immaterial meaning, a sound, a vaguely anthropomorphic figurativeness and plastic intensity. Kontrec’s pictures with writing /Schriftbilder/ are layered images - palimpsests which display the simultaneity and multiple facets of language, writing and communication.