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"For me architecture is a sign in space, script is a sign in time." (A.K.)


Anita Kontrec is an internationally renowned Croatian-German artist who has been successfully cooperating with a number of leading european museums, galleries, and educational institutions such as Ludwig Museum – Cologne, Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst – Aachen, Atelier Meštrović – Zagreb, Palazzo Mora – Venice, Dulwich College – London.


SCRIPT & ARCHITECTURE at the John David Mooney Foundation in Chicago is her first solo exhibition in the USA. The issue of literacy and urbanism is a recurrent topic in Anita Kontrec's work since the mid-90s. One of the main features of her art projects and exhibitions is a most inspiring synergy of artistic and scientific discourse due to both her academic and artistic background.


The focus of her SCRIPT & ARCHITECTURE exhibition in Chicago is on Croatian script glagoljica – Glagolitic alphabet (which has been in use since the 10 th century) and its relation to croatian romanesque sacral architecture in European context. The first printed book in the Croatian language and Glagolitic script dates back to the year 1483, only 28 years after the discovery of the printing press by J. Gutenberg and his first printed Bible.


The SCRIPT & ARCHITECTURE exhibition – which is a site-specific ambiental installation consisting of drawings, sculptures and several installations, is on one hand Anita Kontrec's homage to Chicago as a cradle of modern architecture and on the other to the great Croatian-American sculptor Ivan Meštrović (author of Chicago's Indians and many other public sculptures in the world), whose exhibition of drawings and sculptures is taking place in parallel with Anita Kontrec's exhibition at the John David Mooney Foundation from May 10th until May 31st.


The exhibition is supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.








Open Studio in Cité international des Arts in Paris


In September and October 2018 I am Artist in Residence in Cité International des artes in Paris.

I participate intensively in cultural life of Paris - in September with Open Studio in the context of Traversée du Marais;

in October in Nuit Blanche and Open Studio in Cité.


Open studio in October, Cité International des artes, Paris


Open studio in October, Cité International des artes, Paris





I am invited by the John David Mooney Foundation in Chicago as Artist-in Residence in June 2018
in order to plan my exhibition in their International Currents Gallery in 2019.
The John David Mooney Foundation, located in the heart of Chicago at 114 West Kinzie Street,
focuses on the cooperation with distinguished international artists.


Artist in Residence





ART ZAGREB - Art Fair from 18 th - 20th May in the context of Zagreb Design Week.
My artworks at Art Zagreb Fair will be presented by the Laval Nugent Gallery from Zagreb.







Youtube-Video about my workshop in London - Houses and Dreams







Opening of my exhibition Houses and Dreams - Healing Houses in the Laval Nugent Gallery in Zagreb.

The Exhibition is open from 15 th February till 7th March.








Dear friends, I´m happy to invite you to the opening of my exibition
on Thursday, 15th February, 7 p.m.
in the Gallery LAVAL NUGENT, Zagreb, Vodnikowa 4



This exibition is continuation of my Houses and Dreams Project which I have started last year

and so far have shown in Venice, Umag, Kopar, Sv. Kuzam/Rijeka and London.

I´m looking forward to seeing you in the Gallery.





Workshop, exhibition and lecture at the Dulwich College in London, November 2017


Installation Ziggurat - which I made together with the students od Dulwich College -
is part of my Houses and Dreams Project which has started in March in Cologne
and was exhibited in in Palazzo Mora in the context of Biennale Venezia 2017.






This is photo from Basel - International Airport


This is photo from Basel - International Airport where my works have been projected on a big screen during the Art Basel Week from 14th till 18th June.





My installation HOUSES AND DREAMS venice 2017




My installation HOUSES AND DREAMS  in Palazzo Mora is part of the exhibition Personal Structures
organised by European Cultural Center -ECC and Global Art Affairs- GAA.
Exhibiton Personal Structures is part of official programme of Biennale Venezia 2017 which will be opened from 13th May till 26th November 2017.

Preview is on 11 th and 12 th May.

My installation is on the third floor.





You and your friends are cordially invited to the exhibition HOUSES AND DREAMS

opening on 31st March in the Gallery K49, Goltsteinstrasse 49, Cologne.


Vernissage : Friday, 31st March  6 p.m, Performance : Burning Houses - 7 p.m.




Art Project HOUSES AND DREAMS is taking place in several galleries and institutions from March till November 2017

in Croatia (Zagreb), Germany (Cologne), Italy (Venice) and Great Britain (London).

Next exhibition: Palazzo Mora, in the context of Biennale Venezia, from 13th May till 26th November 2017


More information about Art Project HOUSES AND DREAMS:


Why Houses? Why Dreams?

Because we need both to survive.

When does a house become a home?

When it gives you a sense of acceptance.

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Why Houses? Why Dreams?

Because we need both to survive.

When does a house become a home? When it gives you a sense of acceptance.
When it nourishes your soul and helps you grow. It is a place where you can open your heart and be safe. It is like a second skin.

Zagreb, May 1987. My home turned to ashes. I had to leave my country and begin a search for a new home. It seems a never-ending process. Searching for home means asking yourself: Where do I belong?
Is home a place or a state of mind?
Home is something existential, personal and timeless. Home is a mirror of your soul. It is as big as your soul. Without a home you are exposed – skinless and vulnerable. Home is where your story begins and you carry it in your bones no matter where you go.

For me my art is my inner home, a shelter for my soul. It protects me from the insanity of a world which is growing more and more destructive. My art makes me more sensitive, at the same time, to the beauty of this world, which is endless. At least in my eyes. For me my installations are three dimensional poems celebrating and questioning life in all its aspects.

My art helps me look under my skin and it helps me look under your skin as well. It helps me meet you beyond any borders or apparent differences. It may help to reach the point where we feel we are all one – human and vulnerable, dreaming similar dreams.

And why boats? Well, they bring us to the other shore where we enter timeless houses.

Zagreb, 23rd February 2017





Retrospective exhibition KRUŽNI TOK  / KREISVERKEHR / ROUNDABOUT, Gallery PRSTEN

Zagreb, 08.09. - 30.09.2016


 Vernissage on 8th September

My retrospective exhibition KRUŽNI TOK / KREISVERKEHR   / ROUNDABOUT was opened by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany
H.E. Thomas E. Schultze in the Gallery PRSTEN /RING on 8th of September in Zagreb
Gallery PRSTEN is a unique exhibition space covering some 740 square meters, following the round ring-like form of famous Meštrović Pavillion
in the center of Zagreb. Partners of the exhibition were City of Zagreb, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Goethe Institute
and Ambassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.





The exhibition presented main stages of my work as visual artists during over thirty years of my artisitc activity in Croatia, Germany and Austria.
It constisted of four segments showing my early conceptual works with texts; sculpture, picture objects, ambiental installations and two video perfofrmances.
Although I have been working in different materials and genres, all these works are organically connected as a unique whole.
Circular shape of the PRSTEN Gallery proved to be the ideal space to underline the connection between the earliest works with my recent works.




Promotion of the Monography KRUŽNI TOK  / KREISVERKEHR / ROUNDABOUT  in the PRSTEN Gallery

Monography in croatian, german and english  covers over three decades of my artistic career in Croatia and in Germany.
On 224 pages you can see 280  photographs of my artworks, documentation of my exhibitions and cooperation with artists,
friends, gallerists, critics. Texts are written by prominent croatian and german art critics and art historians.
Iva Koerbler, art historian from Zagreb, is the author of the Introduction and Interview in the monography.
Other authors of texts are Anđelko Hundić, art historian and my first gallerist from Zagreb, Dr. Peter Lodermeyer,
art historian from Bonn, Dr. Gerhard Kolberg, senior curator, Museum Ludwig from Cologne,
Dr. Aleksandar Flaker, University of Zagreb, H.E. Thomas E. Schultze, the Ambassador of the
Federal Republic of Germany in the Republic of Croatia and Juergen Kisters, art critic from Cologne. 
Publisher of the monography is HDLU (Croatian Association of Visual Artists);
graphic design is made by Ante Rašić /Studio Rašić, Zagreb, photography by Damir Fabijanić.







"Poesie in Glas / Poetry in Glass" - Exhibition of Croatian glass artists in the BV Gallery in Klagenfurt, Austria


My big size glass artworks in the exhibition are Hommage a Rose Ausländer and Hilde Domin, german writers whose poetry inspired me for these works.


Glass table "Winter Landscapes" belongs to my latest design products in glass.




here you can see my catalog of glass artworksGlass is for me liquid light

which I give form and function


In my recent glass artworks my major interest is focused on artistically designed objects

of daily use as well as on function of glass art in contemporary architecture.
Please klick here for the catalog.