Color = Energy
When Kontrec began using synthetic resin with pigments for her work in 2004, it seemed to be a real cut, almost a break in her work. read more
Since that time she has been focusing on color as a new theme in her work. However this has not meant a shift from sculpture to painting, because she does not use color for merely painting flat surfaces. For her is color pure energy. In her picture-objects, the sculptural themes of space, volume, material and texture continue to play an important role.

Since 2005 she has been increasingly concentrating her use of colors on their primordial essence - to light as the sum and origin of all colors. read more
White pigments and transparent synthetic resin are her media of preference for these works. White pigments bring out the structure of her objects most clearly - endless variations of the most refined shades of whiteness and subtle structures of the material, which are as versatile and varying as reflected light upon water or ice. It is the light in contact with the material that forms her art.